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Aveyard, V: Blade Breaker


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NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER IN PAPERBACKSAVE THE WORLD OR END IT. CLAIM THE SWORD OR BREAK IT. From the multimillion-copy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red Queen, as seen on TikTok… A divided world must rally, an unstoppable enemy must be defeated, and the fate of the world rests on a blade’s edge.Andry, a former squire, fights for hope amid blood and chaos.Dom, a grieving immortal, strives to fulfill a broken oath.Sorasa, an outcast assassin, faces her past when it returns with sharpened teeth.Valtik, an old sorceress, summons a mighty power.And Corayne, a pirate’s daughter with an ancient magic in her blood, steps closer to becoming the hero she’s destined to be.Together they must assemble an army to face Queen Erida and Taristan’s wicked forces. But something deadly waits in the shadows, something that might consume the world before there’s any hope for victory.The follow-up to the instant #1 New York Times bestselling Realm Breaker features breathless action, deadly twists, and gripping magic. Perfect for fans of THE CRUEL PRINCE, SIX OF CROWS and THE HUNGER GAMES.’Stellar world building. Pure fantasy heaven.‘ CULTUREFLY______________________Praise for Victoria Aveyard’World building to rival the likes of George R.R. Martin‘ GUARDIAN’A fantasy fan’s dream‘ Roseanne A. Brown, New York Times bestseller’A true fantasy masterpiece‘ Sabaa Tahir, #1 New York Times bestseller


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