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Jane Austen’s Masterpieces (with audio-online) – Readable Classics – Unabridged english edition with improved readability

Autoren: Jane Austen


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Jane Austen’s Masterpieces: Pride and Prejudice and Emma
Book-Set: Better value for money than individual volumes
EasyOriginal Readable Classics Edition with Audio-Online

Experience two beloved classics by Jane Austen with this special edition set containing unabridged editions of Pride and Prejudice and Emma formatted for effortless readability.

Jane Austen’s witty and satirical novel Pride and Prejudice follows the courtship between Elizabeth Bennet, the intelligent and independent daughter of an English gentleman, and Mr. Darcy, a proud and aloof member of the aristocracy. As their relationship develops, Elizabeth must overcome her initial prejudice against Darcy’s haughtiness, while Darcy is compelled to acknowledge his pride and reform. Their romantic entanglement provides the backdrop for Austen’s incisive social commentary on early 19th century British society. Revel in Austen’s sharp prose and endearing characters like the overbearing Mrs. Bennet and good-natured Mr. Bingley.

In Emma, Austen trains her satirical eye on the provincial village of Highbury and its wealthy resident Emma Woodhouse. Accustomed to being the center of her social circle, Emma amuses herself by matchmaking those around her, blind to the true natures and feelings of her friends and neighbors. Her schemes to find a suitable match for her protege Harriet Smith go awry, leading Emma into self-reflection and awakening her own heart. This comedic novel showcases Austen’s deep understanding of the irony of human emotions and relationships.

These iconic novels depict Austen’s biting social commentary and satire of 19th century British society through the romantic escapades of her spirited heroines. The comfortable, readable font allows full immersion in Austen’s original text. This set also includes access to the audiobook versions. Unlock Austen’s masterpieces with EasyOriginal Readable Classics!

A series of unabridged books from world literature with improved readability, easy to read font and comfortable font size.
Excellent readability ensures comfortable reading and maximum concentration on the book content.
High-quality printing and premium white paper.
Focus on content and get the most out of your reading experience.
Unabridged original text.

. Minimal strain on your eyes
. You can read longer without tiring your eyes
. Easier reading at dusk or when your eyes are tired
. You can concentrate as much as possible on the content of the work
. You will have more fun reading your favourite books

Minimal concentration on the text structure – maximum concentration on the content


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