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Autoren: Lucy Score


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„Ready for her next challenge, house flipper and YouTube sensation Maggie Nichols arrives in Kinship, Idaho, with only a cot and a coffeemaker, to bring a crumbling eighteen-room Victorian mansion back to life in four months, five tops. At least, that’s the idea until she meets tall, charming landscaper Silas Wright. Maggie hates distractions from her mile-long to-do list. Even if the distraction looks really good shirtless. Now not only does she have a determined suitor on her hands, there’s her half-sister who shows up on her doorstep with a toddler and a big ask. And her ex-husband Dean and Silas’s stepbrother who start to a explore a romantic relationship of their own. Not to mention a treasure hunt for hidden gold. Silas is confident he’ll win in the end and isn’t above playing dirty. He’s constantly distracting Maggie with things like kayaking and skinny-dipping. In bed, he teaches her how to really let go. Despite her best efforts, Maggie just might be falling for him but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stay. She never stays. Her entire career is built on moving on. As the completion of the house looms, Silas’s mother and stepmother deliver some sage wisdom: If he really loves Maggie, he can’t just ask her to give up everything for him. He also has to be willing to give it all up for her“–


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